Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CS6 Installers

Since we moved to smb shares, we have started wrappering our AAMEE .pkg installers in dmgs and then using a script to extract the pkg and install it. This is/was a mess so I decided to test leveraging casper's caching mechanics to just 'cache' the contents of the dmg to the Waiting Room an let the jamf binary take it from there. 1) Allow Composer to index the JAMF application support folder. 2) Monitor the file system using Composer. 3) Touch the Waiting Room folder or cache something innocuous to make the folder and then stop monitoring. 4) Copy your installers into the folder and make DMGs one at a time. 5) Add the dmg to your Imaging configurations. 6) Add a one liner to install all cached packages at first boot. (sudo jamf installAllCached or something more specific for the pkg) This should prevent any JSS connectivity issues after imaging where your firstrun cannot call a policy to install cause is cannot see the JSS yet.

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